This is your life

January 11th Writing Prompt: If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover. Where is the beauty in life if you already know how your story unfolds? Not knowing what the […]

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32 Flavours

DAMMIT! I’m so crap at consistency, I missed two days of writing prompt posts already *sigh*. I’ll catch up anyway.   January 10 Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely? How good does that picture look. If you read my Liebster post you know I love sweet things! Vanilla is probably my favourite flavour – especially […]

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One battle, one smile

Behind closed doors, there’s a powerful storm that has come crashing through, catastrophic winds, destruction of the mind, a tide has come in and washed him away, did you know that he’s drowning right in front of you, struggling to breath? He’s left with nothing at all as all is lost at sea, how does […]

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Dear 2017

Dear 2017, Through the ups and downs I share gratitude because I survived this year. You have been good to me, you have been bad. I can’t dismiss the obstacles you placed in front of me, I thank you as I found the strength to make my way through. There were tears but not as […]

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What I’m leaving in 2017

2018 is closely approaching but before we leave 2017, I want to tell you guys all the things I’m planning to leave in this year. Here’s a couple of things on my list: – worrying about trivial things I am a very big over thinker, I can’t help it. I overanalyse situations, I will replay […]

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It could have been you

Your eyes, your lips, cannot be missed, yet why do the words that slip out of your mouth, not match the beauty in ones features, too bad your tongue is twisted, for I would have listened, and perhaps fallen in love with your words, your eyes and lips, that cannot be missed.

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Yes, time flies

As contradictory as it may seem, I am impatient with time because time waits for no man, so it certainly doesn’t wait for me, why do the hands of the clock have to tick so quickly, why must life flash before your very eyes, no longer young, no longer alive, because time will not wait, […]

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The colour of my skin

Why is the colour of my skin, so triggering to you, why does it bother you, why does it disgust you, I will never understand why the colour of my skin, deserves so much hatred, why is it easier for you to frown at me, than to smile at me? Dark malicious eyes seek evil, […]

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