It’s funny how

it's funny how, we cross paths inevitably, find a place in someone's life whether it be temporarily or permanently even if we don't stay on each other's paths it's inevitable when fate drives us away, what more can we do than accept it and let it act its way.


Lovers we used to be, strangers we have now become.

The trauma from the heartbreak of having to let go of the only one, you fell so deeply for, we once were strangers, but I couldn't resist the way he looked, honey tasting, his words left me breathless it was only a matter of time we became friends and lovers, lovers who knew each other… Continue reading Lovers we used to be, strangers we have now become.

Advice, Poetry

Strive for something bigger

Divert your focus, strive for something bigger than yourself, remind yourself you are full of power, with power the word incapable is not in your capacity, limitations do not apply to me, as I am full of power if I can imagine, I can believe, with belief, I can dream, and with dreams nothing can… Continue reading Strive for something bigger


Unbreakable bond

A bond that will never break, invisible love, rolling down our face tears of laughter, everything was funny back then, we didn't have any worries back then, I wouldn't trade anything in the world, for a memory so golden, a memory I repeat so often, distance doesn't change the foundations of what we started not… Continue reading Unbreakable bond