I wish I was more than something you used to pass time, if only you could set the dead light alight again, maybe I would be on my way to finally being complete.   Is it weird to feel like you're another version of me, or have I just created this soul connection in my … Continue reading Deprived


3:00 am.

Close your eyes  and listen to the stillness of the silence, rest your hand on your chest, let your heartbeat thump against your hand remembering that here, you exist. In the world I imagine, my hair flutters in the wind I rise in the sky, And float in the clouds,  love rules my world,  all … Continue reading 3:00 am.


I can't force the feelings to be real, patience is welcoming and will attract something genuine, what is forced will not last forever, but it hurts  when the feeling never seems to be mutual, but darling one day you will understand fate is softly whispering, everything happens for a reason, soon you will realise it's … Continue reading Patience

Missing piece

What if I cannot find the missing piece that   completes me, will it take years of searching to find one that fits right? The urge for somebody else's presence to  satisfy my affections and fantasises, why does the sudden urge of closeness  leave me hopelessly wondering for my non- existent companion? Perhaps I am … Continue reading Missing piece


I am sorry I cannot find the voice  that yells for your attention, for you to see that I am not me. I am unable to find a noise within that will  explain, the fragmented pieces of me  which lay on the carpet, can no longer be pieced together  because the edges have changed, I've … Continue reading Voiceless