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Dark red hair. Confident. Great self esteem. Oh and she's beautiful. A woman of power.  A woman of determination. A woman of independence.  My hope. My inspiration. Who I want to be. The bold and wonderful Roxy.

Life & Stuff, Random


Give me some space. I need some air. But why do I want to breath in the air you share, the air you constantly pollute? Why do you consume my freedom? Why do you take it away from me? Why won't you let me live? Is there something I have done? If so, let me… Continue reading Freedom

Life & Stuff, Random

The storm.

Nothing will take my joy away. Content did you say? You thought it'd stay this way? Oh you are a fool. Have you forgotten about the storm? Strong and vicious, it's coming your way. It's inevitable. The impact of it is inevitable. Disastrous. You're torn by how naive you are to think you could be… Continue reading The storm.