Dark red hair. Confident. Great self esteem. Oh and she’s beautiful. A woman of power.  A woman of determination. A woman of independence.  My hope. My inspiration. Who I want to be. The bold and wonderful Roxy. Advertisements

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Give me some space. I need some air. But why do I want to breath in the air you share, the air you constantly pollute? Why do you consume my freedom? Why do you take it away from me? Why won’t you let me live? Is there something I have done? If so, let me […]

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The storm.

Nothing will take my joy away. Content did you say? You thought it’d stay this way? Oh you are a fool. Have you forgotten about the storm? Strong and vicious, it’s coming your way. It’s inevitable. The impact of it is inevitable. Disastrous. You’re torn by how naive you are to think you could be […]

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Bipolar British weather

It’s sunny now but let’s see how long it’ll last before it starts pissing itself down🤔 I was thinking of changing my setting revision as the weathers nice, I mean why not go study in a park for a change?  Have I used these couple of days productively? Nopeeeee😁 but I shall today. I feel […]

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Middle of the room.

There she sits in the middle of the room, staring straight ahead, oblivious to what’s going on around her. Screams of laughter coming from different directions but there she sits quietly in the middle of the room. A small smile does creep on her lips and nor does she flinch, she continues to stare and […]

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At least you have your imagination. To imagine things words can’t explain. Thinking about how it would have been if it went a certain way. Smiling at the crazy thoughts you have placed in your mind. Living in a secret world you created. You don’t have to be afraid because no one knows. It’s your […]

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Oh hey sunshine xD

Okay I know my previous post was a bit gloomy but guuuuuuuys the sun is out! It looks pretty. But I’m going to be at home. Revising. Yay. I was gonna buy some new boots but I don’t know if I can be bothered to go out Nope I’m going to go. I need some […]

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Let it go, let it be…

Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t hold onto what’s already been done. It will hold you back and stop you from moving forward. You can’t change it now, it’s already happened. Breath and let it go. It’s out of your control now. You can’t change it. Don’t dwell on the past.

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Let Me Know

Give me a chance to explore your after midnight thoughts  Allow me to see who you really are Tell me about your fears and plans in life  Are you a deep thinker, a wanderer? Let me know, I want to know exactly what you are…

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