Precious temple

My body is a precious templemade with diamonds, goldjewels and all,only to be cherished and loved,never to be broken intonor wrongfully owned, I am not afraid to saythat there are tears and ruins, around the edgesand around the walls,there is black fur strangely lined beautifully on the exterior,which may give you a certain warmth,although it … Continue reading Precious temple



Dear stranger,Here I go again,Falling into that trap,That trap that holds me captive. Dear stranger,I don't know who you areAnd you have no idea about how you make me feelBut somehow you've taken me Into that place againThat place where I'm helpless and under this power.Dear stranger,You obtain a power you are unaware of,To snatch me into this vision … Continue reading Stranger


And exhale. I won't let you ruin another YEAR of my life. You're selfish and don't care about anyone but yourself. You don't even know the definition of depression and what it feels like to be so. We never will be close and I've accepted that. Let it go Roxy, soon you won't have to … Continue reading Inhale