Behind this mask that shatters, perhaps you now know someone you  never thought you knew, where looks are so deceiving that under this mask I am unrecognisable. Either my eyes are a different colour, Or maybe my lips are a different shape but under this disguise I am not who you think I  am...



Wallflower Alcove

How much do you really know of living?

How much do you know of joy? How much do you know of the bliss and peace found in knowing that it is all well.

How much?

How much do you know of finding your best parts in another? The all-consuming, all-changing feeling of consistency and loyalty. How much do you know of love?
How much do you know of pain?
The gut wrenching emptiness, the pain that hurts the heart way more than the bones, the pain that stays with us as night. How much do you know of that?
How much?
How much do you know of brokenness? Of nothingness, of hopelessness, of being lost and scared and tired and bare? How much do you know of standing in the pit of utterly raw emotions where nothing else is visible – nothing even matters. How much have you felt in…

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dear someone.

I am the girl who calculates the risks,
who writes poetry about life,
who sips her tea and tries to
decide if she even has a future.
I am a
flight risk, with a fear of failing.
fear of falling
in love
I hate change,
you came along with your
mischievous ocean eyes,
musical soul,
and spindly hands
and told me
could knock the breath out of you

now, I write poetry for you,
I sip my tea and dream
of you
(boy, with the calm persona)
and, maybe this time I won’t have to run
or bury it away, because I
romanticize and I become overly jealous at times
because, you’ve taught me
change is beautiful

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Hello beautiful people, how are you all doing today? You may have noticed that a lot of my recent posts have been poetry. Why? I have no idea! Sometimes you want to take a different turn and express yourself in a different way and I must say, I love writing poetry! This post however, is the … Continue reading Bittersweet


dear someone.


I wasn’t beautiful in the sense of unblemished skin, or how my outfits weren’t put together; how I snorted when I laughed, or how I clumsily walked through life.


I collected my tears in jars, to be remembered but not dwelled on. I let the scars heal, and watch the new skin cover my self hatred. I opened the windows of my heart, and let joy seep through.


I’m slowly learning that beauty is found in the excitement in my eyes when I’m about to climb a roof. In the tips of my hair dyed teal, because I wanted it. In the slight tremble in my hands when I’m nervous, and the bruises on my knees from unknown adventures. In my voice when I’m talking to someone I love.

That was beauty. I had looked at self-love all wrong all these years.

It wasn’t how my collar bones showed…

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Find me at…

Aoife Caitríona

Long time no see, I’ve been a little AWOL recently and I’m sorry for not writing on here sooner. I mentioned in my last post I was moving over to Blogger and I was getting a new domain. Well, I’ve successfully done that now, there were a few hiccups at the start but it’s up and ready. So you can find me onaoifecaitriona.co.uk.

I’m still blogging, blogging moreoften. Blogger is exactly how I imagined it to be and I’m feel much happier since doing it.

I’d love for you to check out my new blog. I haven’t finished the layout yet but I feel like I’m becoming more confident in writing posts again (how I used to write). I’ve even got a lot of exciting new posts coming up soon too.

I’ll still have this WordPress account, my first blog is here too. So I’ll still read all…

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7 Quotes for when You Find Yourself Comparing Yourself to Others (2 min read)

Comparing yourself can have a huge impact on your self esteem. When you find yourself doing so try remember some of these quotes, this post is really helpful and needed!

Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Rose Yap

Founder & Owner of:Wandering Daydreamer

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living and Travel Writer

1. “Everything in life is easier when you don’t concern yourself with what everybody else is doing.”

There’s this saying that also says, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ and I feel like it’s a little bit of an extension of the above quote as well. When we concern ourselves too much on what everyone else is doing and keep on comparing, it makes everything in life harder because we end up putting too much pressure on ourselves. We end up making unreasonable expectations for ourselves that we’ll struggle to achieve and that in turn will just make us miserable and burnt out.

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A tiny speck of dust, I, float in measureless oceans of space. All I am is a vacant stare amidst a seemingly sophisticated world where I will never belong. Lost in a trance in a crowd doing the happy dance. Will faking a smile earn me an offer to stay? I never think twice about the price I’ve had to pay. Yes there was once a time when I would have liked to be understood. The time when I gave up reality for delusion, endorsing a new attitude and a made up passion. You see, the safety of monotony can mask the missing happiness.

© Abirami

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Who’s turn is it today?

Will it be,

The ambrosial lover, or the mad cynic?

The unforgiving critic, or the loyal advocate?

The curious child, or the unimaginative adult?

A different mask a different day.

Take it off and what are you?

A reflective vessel of scars and hopes.

© Abirami

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