I haven't actually spoken about this but my friend found my blog and I won't lie to you I was a bit annoyed because now it's not really a... secret. I express some of the deepest parts of myself on here sometimes and now she can see that and I feel exposed. Weird. I mean … Continue reading Exposed 


Dear stranger, Here I go again, Falling into that trap, That trap that holds me captive.  Dear stranger, I don't know who you are And you have no idea about how you  make me feel But somehow you've taken me  Into that place again That place where I'm helpless and under this  power. Dear stranger, … Continue reading Stranger

Crash, but then heal

Wallflower Alcove

We’ve done things we’re not proud of. We’ve selfishly destroyed bridges and let things crumble as we look on. Within the duration of our pains, we’ve caused others pain as well. It’s a part of our humanness but this fact doesn’t make it hurt less. Sometimes we silently hate each other. Sometimes we destroy things and lash out. Sometimes we self-destruct. Long-term suffering and hopelessness can explode and break things and burn them down. When we’re afraid, we’re hurting. “When this fear is passed down, spread around and conditioned as the default method of survival, chaos is inevitable.”

I’ve crashed and burned a few times in my life too and each time I take some casualties. I have inflicted hurt without ever intentionally setting out to hurt anyone. I’ve avoided things solely because I can. I’ve been so absorbed in my issues that I’ve left things unfinished without explanation. I’ve…

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