What I’m leaving in 2017

2018 is closely approaching but before we leave 2017, I want to tell you guys all the things I’m planning to leave in this year. Here’s a couple of things on my list: – worrying about trivial things I am a very big over thinker, I can’t help it. I overanalyse situations, I will replay […]

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Hello beautiful people, how are you all doing today? You may have noticed that a lot of my recent posts have been poetry. Why? I have no idea! Sometimes you want to take a different turn and express yourself in a different way and I must say, I love writing poetry! This post however, is the […]

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Body confidence

A post dedicated to everyone out there who isn’t confident in their own skin.  (Quick note, Roxy apologises for her shitty post from yesterday – I deleted it, it was so unneeded especially for all my beautiful bloggers to read. At least I have let out a lot of disgusting negative energy) I asked myself […]

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“That’s life”

This post was going to be filled with Roxy moaning and complaining about how shit everything is and how life has treated her badly blahblahblah but what is the point? Boohoo Roxy go throw yourself a pity party already. Who said life is fair? No one. Yeah some people are soooo lucky (they literally have no […]

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It’s Coming To An End

And here we go again, I’m at the stage where one chapter in my life is gradually coming to an end with a new one waiting to be written. In terms of the chapter I mean ‘The End Sixth Form’ or maybe I should rephrase that to “Thank God I’m Leaving This Shit Hole”. I […]

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Wanting to do something big

Always have and always will. I want to die knowing that I’ve made my mark somewhere but where do I start is the question? People don’t actually understand how much I want to live a fulfilling life, I want to CHANGE lives not just work and die without any meaning or result. I think a […]

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Yes we made it, we made it to see another year. Another year filled with loads of different opportunities, different experiences and different memories. I really do hope everyone has a wonderful year, a year where they can reflect back on the moments that have genuinely made them smile. Of course there will be some […]

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