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Strive for something bigger

Divert your focus, strive for something bigger than yourself, remind yourself you are full of power, with power the word incapable is not in your capacity, limitations do not apply to me, as I am full of power if I can imagine, I can believe, with belief, I can dream, and with dreams nothing can… Continue reading Strive for something bigger


I’m stronger than I know

I'm one of the strongest people I know. Yes I cry and I wonder why I have to go through the things I do but I forget that I've survived and I'm still surviving... Perhaps you wouldn't survive in my shoes and I wouldn't survive in yours. Staying positive gets harder and harder, yes we… Continue reading I’m stronger than I know

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What I’m leaving in 2017

2018 is closely approaching but before we leave 2017, I want to tell you guys all the things I'm planning to leave in this year. Here's a couple of things on my list: - worrying about trivial things I am a very big over thinker, I can't help it. I overanalyse situations, I will replay… Continue reading What I’m leaving in 2017

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Body confidence

A post dedicated to everyone out there who isn't confident in their own skin.  (Quick note, Roxy apologises for her shitty post from yesterday - I deleted it, it was so unneeded especially for all my beautiful bloggers to read. At least I have let out a lot of disgusting negative energy) I asked myself… Continue reading Body confidence

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“That’s life”

This post was going to be filled with Roxy moaning and complaining about how shit everything is and how life has treated her badly blahblahblah but what is the point? Boohoo Roxy go throw yourself a pity party already. Who said life is fair? No one. Yeah some people are soooo lucky (they literally have no… Continue reading “That’s life”

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You’ve got an addiction and you don’t even know it 

As it's coming close to exam season I practically live in the library now ☹️☹️ gotta admit though, I love the library (wow look at what revision has done to me). The silence and calmness is very satisfying, well it's not always silent because you have whispers here and there and someone constantly coughing. Despite… Continue reading You’ve got an addiction and you don’t even know it