About Me

Hey I’m Roxy! So I’ve come to a realisation that I’ll probably have to come back to edit this page.

Well my names not actually Roxy but my blog is anonymous so I guess that’s my…code name? Or whatever you want to call it. Well let’s say my aim was to KEEP this blog anonymous, didn’t exactly go as planned because one have my friends found it. Great job Roxy, great job. Maybe one day I’ll reveal my identity…this is very unlikely but who knows.

So why did I start this blog?

I’ve always wanted to just ramble on about things, whether it being about something random, or inspiring or entertaining I kinda want people to get something out of it. I’m pretty much treating this as my own personal diary I guess but you guys get to read it 😀

A bit about myself:

I’m 18  (I’m getting old *cries*) and I live in East London.

I LOVE music, I can’t live without it. As well as singing, I sing ALL the time my class mates find me really annoying (sorry guys) but I can’t help it. I love inspiring and motivating people, I took on many leadership roles in my secondary school, but unfortunately I didn’t take many in the sixth form I went to. Probably because you thought it was shit, right Roxy? Right.

Please, if you need anyone to talk to. I AM HERE. I know how easy it is to hold back and not express how you feel because you think no one will understand, you don’t want to seem like a burden or you don’t want to feel judged but PLEASE talk. Please speak out because someone cares, whether it being your friends or family, or even me. I care.

Don’t be afraid to email me at:



I have so many goals and dreams I just want be amazing you know? I really want to be someone that people remember, where my accomplishments are recognised and appreciated by many, accomplishments that CHANGE lives. I hope one day I become rich enough to change the lives of the poor. I want to leave this world knowing that I have had a fulfilling life and that I have did everything I possibly could to accomplish my goals and be who I want to be.

So welcome to my blog,

Living in a World of Wonder…


A girl driven by her own curiosity and shaped by her own imagination to live in this fantasy that she has always dreamed of.




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