Toxic Love

Toxic love,

poison and blood blended in your veins,

a bittersweet fragrance,


I am pulled closer to you,

it drifts me away,

leaves me following

your trail.

Why is abusive love the only love you know,

the scars you have caused are prone to show,

helpless I am and filled with fear,

why do I always run to you,

why am I always here?

Can I not gain the courage to escape your

manipulative nature,

why am I not running away from your

selfless torture;

I am addicted and I cannot ignore the inviting

warmth of your chest,

or the pleasure of your soft hands gently running

on my skin,

or the sweet kisses that prick the back hairs of

my neck and trips me back to where I dread,

falling right back to where I started –

in your arms.

You’ve told me there will never be any one else

but you,

to love me and accept me the way you do,

I know I should ignore it but I believe it’s true,

you shoot daggers at my heart,

at the wounds that have not healed,

the wounds you have created,

the wounds I have hid,

perhaps I’m staying around hopelessly


where the man I knew went.

Silly me for praying for another morning,

to magically wake up,

to all the right things from the start

just like the time we met,

when toxic love was never there…


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