Life & Stuff


Melody Chen

It takes her exactly 365 days to both
Forget the previous year and
Prepare for the next
Every time


On the day my heart first broke
Lorde decided to release ‘Green Light’,
And to not listen to the silence, I played it on repeat,
The same way my mind relentlessly agonised over why he left,
Eventually accepting I must have been his mistake.

This was the year I became afraid of my own company;
Found comfort listening to the 2AM construction work
Just to know something could quash the clamour of my thoughts.
Fell in love with body parts; lips, tongues, fingers, and
Hungry hands looking for a once-off snack.

For so long I would rip myself into a thousand pieces,
Hold out my palms, only to catch shards of glass,
Stared into broken mirrors until I no longer recognised myself.
Drew self-portraits from the way rain drops joined…

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