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Things to work on in 2018 & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my beautiful bloggers! I hope you all have a wonderful year and achieve all the things you want to achieve!

Rather than setting New Year Resolutions (which is usually an utter fail) I decided to make a list of all the things I want to work on throughout the year:

  • my health
  • self-discipline
  • time management
  • multitasking effectively
  • do more, talk less
  • overanalysing
  • learning to not runaway from my problems
  • leaving things unfinished
  • sticking to a skincare routine
  • procrastination
  • laziness
  • taking the time to invest in myself and doing things that will make me feel better
  • letting things slide by – if someone is disrespecting you SPEAK on it, never dismiss it because you think it doesn’t matter. Make the person aware, remember you’re worth.
  • don’t stay miserable, distract yourself (programmes, movies, work out)
  • remembering I am amazing no matter what people’s opinions are
  • exercise
  • money handling
  • irritability
  • music production – familiarising myself with my midi keyboard (that I’ve had for like forever smh)
  • reading more books
  • educating myself
  • less time on social media
  • posting more on my blog
  • putting my focus into things that matter

On the 31st December I’m going to look back at this list and hopefully be able to say I’ve managed to improve myself in all of them. Later on today I’m going to set goals for the month so make sure you visit my blog later!

What are some of the things you want to work on this year?

Lots of love,

Roxy xoxo


7 thoughts on “Things to work on in 2018 & Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Years! I hope you get to improve yourself the next months. 🙂 Personally I haven`t set myself any goals, as I don`t believe that much in “new years” – you can start improving whenever you want. I look at a new year as just another chapter of my life.


  2. Happy New Year, Roxy! I love your list! ❤ This year, I want to improve the things I’m good at and change my negative traits. Good luck on our list but first, I’d like to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! 😊 You’re a great blogger and you deserve this 🙂 Visit my post about the nomination for info:

    Congrats! xx

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