So lonely now, my friend.

…and I would tell you,

you are a diamond,

beautiful to look at

and worth a million and one,

what if i went back to the day,

your lips kissed mine

and I did as you please,

maybe then I would still be holding a precious 

jewel again.

No longer having to admire from a distance,

but just in plain eyesight,

when our eyes interlocked,

I couldn’t ignore the

reflection of the moon and the stars,

that danced in your eyes.

It’s such a pity that you mean this much to me,

if I were dust and dirt swept away,

surely you’d ignore me in a blink of an eye

you would forget me,

my existence

and the small moment we shared,

I’ll remember it for a lifetime,

And yes I hate these attachments that I stupidly

cling onto,

but you’re one that I want to hold onto.

Terrifying hope of wanting something out of 


you have made it so hard for me to let go,

when the craving of affection that   

I’ve been burning for,

has been filled.

So it may seem strange my soul can detect,

the lovely kind that you are,

maybe it’s the reason why I have fallen this way,

and oh God I have fallen hard,

now that you have let me go

I am so lonely again,

so lonely now, my friend.


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