Lurking through the shadows

Lurking through the shadows,

I see a glimpse of your face,

that haunts me in my dreams

but today I am not afraid.

Maybe you are here to take me away.

in the black night that grows stronger,

with darkness that spreads itself viciously around me.

The shivers crawl up my spine

as the cold air softly kisses my skin,

I stop and look up to see

the small sparkles of the fiery balls

that align in the night sky,

is this the end?

Turning my head gently to the right I see a shadow,

a shadow showing great danger but great mystery,

you are here and you have come to take me.

I walk slowly as I come towards you,

your figure is wild and daunting,

it disturbs my pace,

it ensnares me in complete blindness,

the closer I get

the smaller you become,

don't walk away from me,

let me follow your trail,

lead me to where I need to be.


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