Dear future lover

Dear Future Lover,

During the night you place your tender hands around my waist
and tightly pull me closer to you,
an unbreakable smile lights up on my face,
I love the feeling of being held
and feeling safe in your arms.
You transmit a current that electrifies me,
when you place a gentle kiss on my neck,
and the words 'are you okay' are softly spoken,
instant flutters wind up in my stomach,
my heart drops.

I cannot believe I have found someone who makes me feel so good,
you obtain a power to stop my world from spinning and capture me,
it didn't occur to me that someone out there would love me as much as I love them,
or that someone would be willing to accept the things people would easily run away from,
it hurt to think that I could be alone forever
when I had so much I wanted to give,
yet a moment of your presence altered that thought,
you changed it completely,
thank you.


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