Life & Stuff, Poetry

Wishing you the best

Knowing that I need to let go of a false picture I have painted,
a fantasy filled with love, stars and magic,
it is so hard for me to let go,
of the swirled colours of serenity
when there is a strong desire for it to be so real,
I must remind myself I cannot live in a delusion,
I must stop misleading my heart,
into a world that does not match my reality.
It's time for me to put it in a fire,
set it alight,
let it burn and walk away,
this will never take away the urge and hope
of the thought of seeing you again.
One day,
I'll meet you properly for the first time,
to prevent these regretful blues,
I look forward to finally hearing that chilling voice
my ears have been dying to hear.
To think someone else has claimed your love
shatters something inside,
if she makes you happy
then that is all that matters,
either way I'm wishing you all the best
with whatever your hearts desires.


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