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Precious temple

My body is a precious temple
made with diamonds, gold
jewels and all,
only to be cherished and loved,
never to be broken into
nor wrongfully owned,
I am not afraid to say
that there are tears and ruins,
around the edges
and around the walls,
there is black fur strangely lined beautifully on the exterior,
which may give you a certain warmth,
although it may scare you away
please do not be afraid,
I promise it will do no harm,
please do not be ashamed.

It's hard to accept these imperfections,
when this beauty is not seen as an exception,
though it stands strong it's fearful and naked,
society will not view this temple as beautiful,
it surely will not be favoured,
sadly the media does not show the different temples and how they should still be respected,
when one is socialised to view something as normal,
this is all they will be expecting.

Though I'm learning to value this temples worth,
it remains guarded by my protective and alluring spirit,
when the time is right it will uncover itself
and there will be someone,
who will find the love to share within it.

Inside my precious temple.


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