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Body confidence

A post dedicated to everyone out there who isn’t confident in their own skin. 

(Quick note, Roxy apologises for her shitty post from yesterday – I deleted it, it was so unneeded especially for all my beautiful bloggers to read. At least I have let out a lot of disgusting negative energy)

I asked myself this question. Roxy, are you truly going to feel this way about yourself forever? Will you ever learn to increase self love and permanently remove self hatred? I can’t go on like this. It’s actually crazy. I don’t know how many days or years I have left on this earth but it’s pointless spending it like this. There’s two ways you can go about things: try your best to change something and be happy at your attempt and strong will to do it or do nothing and remain feeling how you are.

Self hatred is a horrible thing. When I look back at all the things I’ve said to myself, it’s so hurtful. Obviously I don’t take into consideration of the words I say, I’m only saying shitty things to myself and it isn’t affecting anyone else so who cares, what harm am I doing? In fact you’re doing yourself more harm than good. Yes, there are days when we don’t feel good enough, smart enough, attractive enough and the list goes on. So when do we ever reach a level of satisfaction that will be ‘enough’ for us? I don’t remember the last time I said I am worthy and I AM enough because the truth is, I never have. I’ve spent years of my life calling myself ugly, not worthy of being loved in the future, not being able to achieve what I can because I’m not intelligent enough and the  mental effects are so damaging. The more you keep telling yourself about how you view yourself, especially if it’s comments that do not reflect  a good light the more you accept it. It becomes harder to change this way of thinking, this is really sad because you should be kinder to yourself. It’s so easy to say stop saying bad things to yourself, learn to love yourself etc but like most things, it’s easier said than done. 

Being surrounded by images of girls who have flat stomachs, hairless, glowing and clear skin puts a shadow on those with the complete opposite. Of course many of us dream to have this ideal body, to look as good them because socially its perceived to be what is attractive. We do a pretty easy job of putting ourselves down because we do not look like them. Yes Roxy you do. I face many issues in terms of my body appearance and other health related issues (some of which are very personal, idk if I’ll ever do a post on it; only if I gain the confidence) and I’m not sure if I will ever reach a point where I can genuinely say, I love myself and the way I look. HOWEVER, this is and will remain a goal for me and it may be a goal for some of you too. I believe we can all achieve this some day, I can’t give you the answers on how it can be done because I’m also learning and trying to discover the answers myself. I guess my first step will be to reduce the negative comments, deal with some of the issues that I can change and just learn to accept the things I can’t change.

So I welcome you on this journey that I invite you to take with me. A journey where we learn to love ourselves and the bodies we live in. We are born with this body and we will die with this body, it’s only right that we learn to walk flawlessly with it regardless of the way we look.
– Roxy x


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