Life & Stuff

Lonely soul

Unable to understand my worth or value, maybe I will never have a place in someone’s heart. Sometimes I think I’m better off being alone because that way I do not have to reveal myself. I do not have to remove layer by layer pieces of me, to disclose what truly lays underneath these clothes, to go to the very depths of myself and expose my bare, naked and fragile soul.

My sombre spirit is eternal, I cannot seem to escape the darkness that creeps back into me when I am slightly touched by the light. My vulnerability in opening up parts of me that will frighten you away. So please stay away from me as I am not good enough for you, I guess you are better off without me. 

Attachments are pointless connections when you cannot see a reason for someone to love you. Breaking down the weary walls, there is now a bigger chance for me to self-destruct. Am I better off being a lonely soul? That way there is no opportunity to become more broken than I already am.


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