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“That’s life”

This post was going to be filled with Roxy moaning and complaining about how shit everything is and how life has treated her badly blahblahblah but what is the point? Boohoo Roxy go throw yourself a pity party already. Who said life is fair? No one. Yeah some people are soooo lucky (they literally have no idea lol) and I envy them.  They haven't had to go through the things some I things I have. Having a tough home life really makes me eager to go off to uni and excited at the fact that I can finally live by myself and be FREE (well let's I hope I don't have to re sit).

When everything goes wrong and nothing is going right just remember THAT IS LIFE. You know some people are made to suffer, some others are not and can live blissfully without any troubles. We are not all like those people. You might find yourself asking why? What have I possibly done to deserve all of this? What have I done for life to throw all these things at me? The answer may be nothing, it's just that, THAT IS LIFE. You can't prevent the troubles you're going to face, it's pre-determined. Inevitable. Not everyone has an easy life. Unfortunately. But rather than crying about it, find the strength to shrug it off and remember that this isn't the first time you're facing something that questions whether you're capable of surviving it. In the end you will be able to do what you always do. Get through it and survive.


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