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And some day…

She'll find the strength again to stand back on her feet after crawling on the ground for so long.She'll find the courage to speak out despite how much her heart aches.She'll find the beauty in life again and will smile when she looks out her window.She'll find the true value of herself and stop degrading… Continue reading And some day…

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Craving affection

There is no doubt that at some point in our lives we want to feel loved whether it being by a friend, family member or by someone you have a romantic attraction to. We all want to feel a sense of appreciation and love. As humans we are wired to connect and being the social… Continue reading Craving affection

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Body confidence

A post dedicated to everyone out there who isn't confident in their own skin.  (Quick note, Roxy apologises for her shitty post from yesterday - I deleted it, it was so unneeded especially for all my beautiful bloggers to read. At least I have let out a lot of disgusting negative energy) I asked myself… Continue reading Body confidence

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I still wonder 

I still wonderI still wonder how you are,What you are doing,Since we last saw each other.It's impossible for me to take the memory of you out of my brain,I don't want to get rid of the thought of youBecause you find ways to please me in ways,no one else ever could.It's strange how I'm wrapped around… Continue reading I still wonder 

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Lonely soul

Unable to understand my worth or value, maybe I will never have a place in someone's heart. Sometimes I think I'm better off being alone because that way I do not have to reveal myself. I do not have to remove layer by layer pieces of me, to disclose what truly lays underneath these clothes,… Continue reading Lonely soul

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“That’s life”

This post was going to be filled with Roxy moaning and complaining about how shit everything is and how life has treated her badly blahblahblah but what is the point? Boohoo Roxy go throw yourself a pity party already. Who said life is fair? No one. Yeah some people are soooo lucky (they literally have no… Continue reading “That’s life”