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I’m finally free…well not permanently

Words cannot explain the relief I feel now exams are over. I can finally BREATHE (well obviously I could breathe before, you know what I mean). I’m free. Finally free. Until I go to uni and I probably have to work twice as hard but let me just focus on the freedom I have now and be grateful for it.

Wow A Levels are actually over. Not going to lie to you, I was feeling emotional on the day of my last exam. It’s just weird. The whole school experience is completely over. I mean the whole life cycle and how it works. How you’re not meant to stay in one place, you’re constantly on the move, progressing to something else. Something bigger. It seems like everything is temporary (for now anyway), maybe I’ll feel more content in the future when everything is more settled and has fallen into place. I remember the conversation I had with one of my teachers  who told me “this is only a stepping stone” when he knew I couldn’t wait for the two years to be over. And it’s true, it is only stepping stone and I wonder where my final place will be. What will it be like when there are no more stones to step on and I can finally say, ‘I’ve made it’.

Now I need to sit down and think about my future (not like I haven’t thought about it all or anything). What is my end goal? What do I want to achieve? How will I get there? And most importantly, who do I want to be? I’m all for self development, self love, self blahblahblah. I really need to focus on myself and find ways in which I can improve myself mentally and physically. We can all be better than what we are, you just need to sit down and reflect on what it is that needs to be done, in order to be the very best version of yourself.

BRING ON SUMMER 2017! Summer plans??? Erm not entirely in place, but getting a job is priority since funds are low ): What’s everyone doing? Going on holiday? I need about 3, I deserve it! Are you even going anywhere this year? Ha no. Where are you all flying off too? I really want this summer to be fun AND productive. I refuse to just stay in bed and eat my summer away, I cannot get any fatter. That’s a big no no Roxy. So I think it’s time to get creative. I might buy a camera and get back into photography. I have my midi keyboard that I need to practice using too.

Hope everyone has a fab summer.


Lots of love,

Roxy xxx








9 thoughts on “I’m finally free…well not permanently”

  1. I hope you have a fabulous summer as well. You seem real excited to be really productive this summer, and that’s a good thing.
    What would be better? If you worked towards being productive.

    End of exams are a big relief. Make sure to enjoy yourself!

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