Life & Stuff, My Teenage Struggle


Dear stranger,

Here I go again,

Falling into that trap,

That trap that holds me captive. 

Dear stranger,

I don't know who you are

And you have no idea about how you 

make me feel

But somehow you've taken me 

Into that place again

That place where I'm helpless and under this 


Dear stranger,

You obtain a power you are unaware of,

To snatch me into this vision of you that maybe,

Just maybe it was fate that led our paths to cross.

Dear stranger,

I know I sound crazy I know I sound insane,

somehow you've managed to take up

Every part of my brain,

I guess time is the biggest healer

and one day I'll find my escape.

Dear stranger,

It's hard to resist this attraction,

Remembering the look of you when you 


If only I had the courage to talk to you from the


Now the obsessive thoughts lead me wondering 

To what we could have been,

it hurts to imagine such things 

when I'm never going to see you again.



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