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One Love Manchester 

I’m sure most of you watched the concert on BBC One dedicated to fundraising for Manchester. Honestly it so beautiful to see the whole of Manchester together and huge amounts of gratitude to Ariana Grande for organising it. It was amazing to see all the singers who performed too.

It honestly breaks my heart, all those innocent victim’s were murdered and had to die pointless deaths. Youngest being 8. Eight years old. How? Why? Why take people’s lives away? Why? My heart really does go out to the victim’s families.

The world is become more unsafe everyday. The violence is increasing, not only in the U.K. but in many parts of the world too. The terrorist attack that took place yesterday in Central London took more lives yet AGAIN. It’s horrible to think that the violence will never end. Is true peace really unachievable?  

Maybe one day the world will truly unite and live in peace and harmony, filled with love and light and not with hatred and darkness.

No matter what happens, we must stand together because love will ALWAYS conquer hate.


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