One of my favourite female artists This is the most recent video she's put out and I just love it. We've all at one point dreamed of having a teenage fantasy, falling in love and hoping to spend the rest of your life with them. Yet we're so young, this should be the last thing on our minds. Focus on … Continue reading One of my favourite female artists



I haven't actually spoken about this but my friend found my blog and I won't lie to you I was a bit annoyed because now it's not really a... secret. I express some of the deepest parts of myself on here sometimes and now she can see that and I feel exposed. Weird. I mean … Continue reading Exposed 


Dear stranger,Here I go again,Falling into that trap,That trap that holds me captive. Dear stranger,I don't know who you areAnd you have no idea about how you make me feelBut somehow you've taken me Into that place againThat place where I'm helpless and under this power.Dear stranger,You obtain a power you are unaware of,To snatch me into this vision … Continue reading Stranger