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You’ve got an addiction and you don’t even know it 

As it’s coming close to exam season I practically live in the library now ☹️☹️ gotta admit though, I love the library (wow look at what revision has done to me). The silence and calmness is very satisfying, well it’s not always silent because you have whispers here and there and someone constantly coughing. Despite that, I like it and I can actually get work done.

From the corner of my eye I can see people next to me getting distracted. And pretty sure you know what they get distracted by… well if you didn’t guess it it’s their phones. And every 2 mins this girl next to me would pick up her phone, I glanced at her sympathetically because she has an addiction and she doesn’t know it. How can you pick up your phone so frequently? It’s scary and very time consuming. When they say turn off your phone when you revise or put it on aeroplane mode it’s because having your phone on and available for you too see all the messages pop up or just having the temptation to pick it up and look at your social media apps, removes all your focus that you had. Especially if you have a short attention span, by you looking at your phone all the time it will be harder to regain your focus back again.

So do yourself a favour, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY WHEN YOU ARE STUDYING. If you’re listening to music PUT IT ON AEROPLANE MODE. If you need data to listen to music TURN OFF YOUR NOTIFICATIONS OR SIGN OUT OF YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK APPS. Do anything that will help you have a productive revision session rather than an unproductive one. 


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