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It’s Coming To An End

And here we go again, I’m at the stage where one chapter in my life is gradually coming to an end with a new one waiting to be written. In terms of the chapter I mean ‘The End Sixth Form’ or maybe I should rephrase that to “Thank God I’m Leaving This Shit Hole”. I mean sixth form could have been worse so I guess it wasn’t thaaaaaat bad… Okay it was a bit. I’m soooo happy a levels are gonna end soon and I can finally have my freedom. I really do hope I don’t have to do year 13 again (I might have to find the nearest bridge to jump if I do) if I don’t get the grades. I’m trying to put in all the hours I can do despite this week being a complete utter fuck up for revision because I was ill 🙄

As I was saying I’m soooooo happy it’s nearly over, yet there’s this bit inside where I honestly feel so sad and I just want to cry. Not because I’ll miss that place or anything it’s just that I’m growing up and I’m scared. I’m excited for what’s to come in the future because I KNOW good things will happen (speak it into existence guys) but I’m so fearful. In 2 months and 2 days I’m going to be 18, offically an ‘adult’.. quite ironic when I’m still 5ft :/ The older we get the closer the less time we have to do the things we love, less time to spend with the people we love and so on. Before you know it we’re gonna be using our walking sticks and reflecting on our childhood. Oh gosh. I can’t even imagine.

So I guess we gotta enjoy the present more. Don’t be so hung upon what the future will be like because we’ll be living it reaal soon.



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