Crash, but then heal

Originally posted on Wallflower Alcove:
We’ve done things we’re not proud of. We’ve selfishly destroyed bridges and let things crumble as we look on. Within the duration of our pains, we’ve caused others pain as well. It’s a part of our humanness but this fact doesn’t make it hurt less. Sometimes we silently hate each…

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It’s Coming To An End

And here we go again, I’m at the stage where one chapter in my life is gradually coming to an end with a new one waiting to be written. In terms of the chapter I mean ‘The End Sixth Form’ or maybe I should rephrase that to “Thank God I’m Leaving This Shit Hole”. I […]

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Dark red hair. Confident. Great self esteem. Oh and she’s beautiful. A woman of power.  A woman of determination. A woman of independence.  My hope. My inspiration. Who I want to be. The bold and wonderful Roxy.

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