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Wanting to do something big

Always have and always will. I want to die knowing that I’ve made my mark somewhere but where do I start is the question?

People don’t actually understand how much I want to live a fulfilling life, I want to CHANGE lives not just work and die without any meaning or result.

I think a lot of people aspire to be happy but I think that’s too vague. Of course I want to be happy but I also want to be proud of myself, have lots of money, help those who cannot help themselves and be known for something. I need to come up with a plan… know where I’m going go and where I hope to see myself but Roxy you can’t have your whole life planned out at such a young age?

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

A tweet I saw last year that stood out to me, I should be certain about my next steps in life right? But sometimes I wonder what’s the point of planning when nothing ever goes to plan 😂😂 but you need to know where you’re heading towards I guess.
Buuuuut on a different note.

I think I’ve made some progress. You know the whole me being so negative all the time thing? Yeah I’m overcoming that. Looking back at some of the things I’d say to myself were so hurtful like seriously Roxy why are you so hard on yourself? I’m so kind to people, yet I find it so hard to be kind to myself… Mentality is everything. Hope you think is so so important and honestly you’ll never seem to perceive the impact of this until you change how you see certain situation. GOOD things can only happen if you believe they will, I’ve found it so hard and tbh, I still do find it hard to believe this. 

When all goes wrong what can possibly go right?

But that’s where we’re wrong. You haven’t seen the future, you are only living in the present so how can you be so quick to picture what’s going to happen ahead of time when you’re not even there yet?

Self discipline – say STOP to the thoughts that creep into your mind, drag you down rather than bring you up. Honestly though, take full control of your mind and be free from the enemy, your own self…

I hope you are all well, tell me what I’ve missed!

– Roxy xoxo


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