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I would say sorry for my language but let’s be real, I don’t think any kind words could be associated with the man who’s trying to deny help for refugees trying to flee from their countries which are unsafe.

Blocking immigrants and refugees from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering America is shameful, disgusting and very sad. I really do feel for you Americans, having a president like THAT to lead your country. So much for sticking to American values right?

“A gift to extremists and their supporters.”

On Twitter, people have shared their stories on being a refugee and for all the good it’s done for them, they cannot believe people are unable to walk on the same path.

Those individuals who sold everything to go to America and make something of themselves and begin to live their dream, to be told it cannot happen as they cannot fly to America despite holding a visa and a green card. An Iraqi man is being detained, who served as a translator for US troops. An Oscar-nominee is being affected by Trump’s executive order.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that Trump is refusing to help CHILDREN, the children who are in danger and on a daily basis are surrounded by violence. 

God help America. 

God helps he world.

 God help us all. 


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