Who I Am Vs. Who I Used To Be

More To Me Than What You See

I used to be like them. You know who I am talking about…THEM.

I used to wonder why some people were afraid to stand up in front of a crowd to give a speech.

I used to see an empty dance floor as an invitation to own the space and dance like nobody was watching (and I have the pictures to prove it).

I used to be able to do anything I wanted, at the drop of a hat. Travel across the world? Workout?  Run a 10K?  Present in front of the entire company? Play soccer for 3 hours? Shop for hours? Let’s do it, without a hesitation.

I used to walk into a room, hell, strut into a room, full of confidence and not give a second thought to anything.

I used to have to be first or the best at EVERYTHING.  Ricky Bobby’s motto pretty much was how…

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