I would say sorry for my language but let's be real, I don't think any kind words could be associated with the man who's trying to deny help for refugees trying to flee from their countries which are unsafe. Blocking immigrants and refugees from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering America is shameful, disgusting and very … Continue reading FUCK DONALD TRUMP.



And exhale. I won't let you ruin another YEAR of my life. You're selfish and don't care about anyone but yourself. You don't even know the definition of depression and what it feels like to be so. We never will be close and I've accepted that. Let it go Roxy, soon you won't have to … Continue reading Inhale


Yes we made it, we made it to see another year. Another year filled with loads of different opportunities, different experiences and different memories. I really do hope everyone has a wonderful year, a year where they can reflect back on the moments that have genuinely made them smile. Of course there will be some … Continue reading 2017