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If I Was Rich I’d Change The World

Last week in my economics lesson we was looking at income inequality and my teacher asked my class a question:

How does it make you feel knowing that there’s people earning more than a million pounds a year?

Of course, for those individuals who reach a stage in their lives where they earn so much money surely they’ve worked hard for it, right? I mean they’ve probably earned it, or they’re in families with inherited wealth so gaining/having a lot of money isn’t particularly difficult.

You’re probably wondering what my answer to the question was, well… I mean it’s great if you’ve worked so hard to become successful to that extent but more than a million pounds? That’s a lot of money, considering that the person already has loads saved in their bank account and probably won’t even touch it is pointless. What on earth are you going to do with it all?

I find it SO hard to believe that there is so many people in this world living in poverty. Where they struggle to afford the basic necessities in order to survive, basic necessities including food, shelter, clothes etc. Yet there’s people, people earning huge amounts of money, millionaires, billionaires and there’s STILL poverty? It doesn’t make sense to me. In fact, it shocks me. There’s families across the world who are suffering, because they don’t have enough money to buy food or who haven’t got places to find clean water but there’s people who can spend £2,000,000 on luxuries and it seems like they’ve only spent £50? This comparison highlights the difference in living standards.

I believe that people who make a ridiculous amount of money should be doing more for those who have nothing. Oh how I wish that I was rich. To give to those who never had the privileges that I did. To be able to witness the smiles on their face because they have a bed to sleep on, knowing that they’ll have food to wake up tomorrow morning and that their babies won’t starve. Something that can change their lives.

If I’m ever able to reach such attainment in my life where I earn loads of money I wouldn’t hesitate to give back.

I would change the world.


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