Come, You Will Be Admired

Midnight Diary

Come, let me take a good look at you
Take off your skin, tear off your mask
Look, your colors are more vibrant with your own shades of black

So come, show me your madness, your flaws
Show me something you are ashamed of
Show me the things you have been hiding
Rip yourself open, so raw, so honest

Come, unclench your fists
Dance, sing your heart out
Scream, shout your foulest words
Break down, cry, be happy
Be weak, be mean, be strong
Be angry, be soft

Break free, lose yourself
Find yourself, be yourself
Show me yourself

Show me,
The person you wish you are
The person underneath
The person you wish you’re not

Show me,
Who are you at this very moment?
Come, flaunt your imperfections
You will be admired

Because how I wish,
How I wish
How I wish
How I really wish
I have the…

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No Title Needed

Narcissism and Innuendos

I go out of my way see you twice a week without fail.

You always manage to look more and more beautiful each time I see you

I continue to admire you from afar.

Shit-scared of making a move due to heartbreaks of the past.

What if she doesn’t like me? What if she treats me wrong?

Yet I still ask myself the following…

What if she were mine? What if she treated me better than the last one did?

The shipwreck in my head remains unable to stem the tide of all the feelings and emotions.

I see you as an angel taking on the form of a human

Yet you are so indifferent towards me.

You provide the best and worst parts of my day

Seeing your smile in my direction

Or seeing a message from you on my phone

Proceeds to light up my day like a…

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But I won't stop fighting. I'll be proud when I win this battle, that I didn't give up. I will be able to confidently say that I made it, I had the courage to put up with it and get through it  Because I am a fighter.