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Learn to enjoy your own company.

It’s so easy to depend on others to make us feel good but sometimes we need to turn to ourselves to do so.

Feeling alone can be really shitty at times, when you feel like there’s no one there for you – someone who wants to be there you, it hurts… BUT sometimes, being alone is a great thing. Learning to enjoy your own presence, finding a way to make yourself happy is important. Sometimes I enjoy being alone, doing things I like by myself without someone else next to me.

To be honest I barely go out anymore, well not as much as I used to. Sometimes I’d rather stay at home, chill in bed, or listen to music, do some work, go on my laptop, watch my fav programmes etc. Don’t get me wrong I love going out with my friends and whenever they ask me to come out I’m usually up for it (if I can be bothered) but lately I don’t get asked to go out that much. I guess that’s because everyone’s busy; people’s lives are changing, they’ve got new people in their lives, they’ve drawn closer to certain people now. Maybe – I’m just less important to them than before but hey, that’s life. People come and go right?

I’ve always hoped that I’ll have some people that will always be in my life or make new ones that become lifelong friends. It’s not too late to find them, I have plenty of time to meet new people. Yet, you still need to learn to enjoy being in your own company because there are times in life that you’ll come to the terms of a harsh reality that the only person who has your back is yourself.

– Roxy x


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