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Changing my mindset, going back to how it was. 

Ever since I went into year 12, my first year of college (well sixth form)  I felt like the positivity was sucked out of me. From someone who used to smile all the time and cheer people up to someone who was down all the time and just wanted to cry – boy things changed. I’ve never been so pessimistic and it saddens me to think about how much I changed last year. I wouldn’t stop complaining about life, I would constantly moan about how shit everything was, quite embarrassing when you would hear – “you’re always so negative” – I was NEVER like this before I promise you.

However, going into year 13 I’m slowly going back to my joyous self. Try be the person that you want to be remembered as, this way you can slowly change how you are, and still remain true to yourself. You want your mood to be contagious, when someone isn’t having the greatest day but you find a way to change their mood it’s a great feeling right? You affect them without even noticing, that’s why a lot of people say stay away from negative people because it can easily rub off on you. One of my friends said to me last week, “I wish you was in all my lessons” that really did make me smile, it means she appreciates my presence and I’m grateful for that. 

I’m not trying to say that you must always be happy because it’s important how people see you, of course not. Everyone has days where they feel down and it’s okay to express that but never let those dark days take a complete toll on your life.

The main purpose of me writing this is in order to help those who feel like they’ll never be able to change their mentality. Instead of thinking about everything wrong in your life, start thinking about the good. Start thinking about how you can make it better and what you’re grateful for. Start your day with positive thoughts and you’re already setting a great day ahead of yourself.

Everyone should take this pledge, no ones saying it’ll be easy but hey, you must start somewhere. Start spreading positive vibes now! 

I hope you all have a great day,

Roxy x


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