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In a battle with myself.

It can be so hard sometimes to keep yourself focused on all the things you should be happy about and grateful for.

Yet it’s so easy for your mind to wonder to a place elsewhere, that leaves a lump in your throat and your heart in despair. 

It’s a constant battle with myself sometimes. Especially when you feel alone. When you know everyone’s out there, having fun with their friends, doing things whereas you sit there in your bed watching anime and tv programmes, increasing laziness and a dead mindset. Oh social networks doesn’t help sometimes, putting yourself in a vulnerable position allowing yourself to drown in your own self pity – what’s the point? Take a break from it, put your phone down and chill.

It must change. How about focusing on what needs to be done. On matters that are really important eg my education. Let me get on top of that. It looks like year 13 will be the death of me, I mean all that effort required for A Levels will drain me mentally. I want the best grades I can get which requires hard work right? So let me get back my English Lit homework that I just stopped to write this post.

I hope everyone is having an amazing day.

– Roxy x


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