I Am 

A song I thought I would share with the blogging world. “You tear me down just to laugh But if I break your shiny glass I just see pieces of me.” Both versions are beautiful. Enjoy, Roxy x

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I want to be better. I’m going to be better. I’m want to do more. I’m going to do more. But how? I’m suffocating. What am I doing? Where am I going? Get your life together. You’re growing up. You’re not going to be 17 anymore. What if I live a life of loneliness? No […]

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In a battle with myself.

It can be so hard sometimes to keep yourself focused on all the things you should be happy about and grateful for. Yet it’s so easy for your mind to wonder to a place elsewhere, that leaves a lump in your throat and your heart in despair.  It’s a constant battle with myself sometimes. Especially […]

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This Morning

I wake up sometimes having a driving sense of determination. To stop being a lazy shit and actually get myself out there. I think about all the things I could do and actually doing it. There’s so much more out there for you. So why wait? Go out there and get it. – Roxy 

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Take me to a place

Take me to a place, where there is no rain  but there is sun, where there is no pain  but there is love. Take me to a place, where I am not restricted but I am free, where there is no worry about  who I have to be. Take me to a place, where the […]

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The storm.

Nothing will take my joy away. Content did you say? You thought it’d stay this way? Oh you are a fool. Have you forgotten about the storm? Strong and vicious, it’s coming your way. It’s inevitable. The impact of it is inevitable. Disastrous. You’re torn by how naive you are to think you could be […]

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