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Maybe I just want to feel something. Feel something that I’ve never felt before. Feel loved. Not a little bit loved but really loved.

Maybe I’m just lonely. Maybe I’m just bored and want temporary company. Maybe I’m desperate for affection. To feel wanted, to be held. Maybe I need you.

Maybe I need someone who understands me. Someone I can tell everything too without feeling judged. Maybe I need a friend but don’t I have that already? Maybe I need a lover? Would that really make me happy? I’m young what am I talking about yet I can’t help but feel that…

Draw me closer. A tight hug. That’s what I need. Maybe I just need someone to stand by me. Help me when I find it hard to explain my inner thoughts that drive me insane. A bit of reassurance that everything will be okay and that I won’t have to worry about another day. Because there you are waiting for me. 

Maybe that’s just all I need.

– Roxy x 


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