Life & Stuff, My Teenage Struggle

Back to hell

Reference to sixth form ^^

Tomorrow is the day when things go back to how they were. 

I. Am. Not. Ready. For. This. Struggle. 

It’s only a year though right? Then I can finally say adios to all those fuckers I don’t even wanna see and will probably never talk to again LOL. I don’t hate everyone there, tbh I don’t hate anyone I’m just not exactly fond of their presence.

A2. My final year then I’m off to university (yaaaaaay). I really need to pull my weight this year, no more procrastination just getting my work done and that’s it. I’m trying to get 3 A’s here which seems out of reach but I will work hard and get them (hopefully). I’m not off to a great start, I haven’t done my sociology homework or read the book I was supposed to read for English lit – whoops.

I wish everyone the best of luck in their academic year, work hard and try to enjoy it too if possible lol.

– Roxy xoxo


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