Success Starts When You Believe (2 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Lizzie Walton Founder & Owner of: Elizabeth’s Blog Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer Hi everyone! The article today is a little different and all about self-respect, something of which I believe to be of paramount importance. I’ve not always had the level of respect for myself that […]

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Maybe I just want to feel something. Feel something that I’ve never felt before. Feel loved. Not a little bit loved but really loved. Maybe I’m just lonely. Maybe I’m just bored and want temporary company. Maybe I’m desperate for affection. To feel wanted, to be held. Maybe I need you. Maybe I need someone […]

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Fuck your opinion

I probably will never understand why people care so much about what people think of them. Why should a someone’s opinion shape how you are, the choices you make, the way you live? Their ‘opinion’, especially if it’s a negative one shouldn’t have any relevance or impact in your life. You are you and that’s […]

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A fear for a life of loneliness

I’ve always been the one for independence. I hate relying on people and I would rather depend on myself to get things done and find my own happiness because when you have full dependence on other people and expect more than you should, it leads to disappointments. But when I think about life in the […]

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We’ll never know why

It’s a bit frustrating isn’t it.  When things don’t go your way. When things go wrong. When you don’t get what you want and so on. Sometimes you’ll never understand or know why things happen the way they do but you just have to trust that it’s for a good reason that you’re not aware […]

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Taken for granted.

You never know when it might be snatched away from you. A memory, a person, your life. You may forget to appreciate all the little things because you think it will always be there and that it will always stay the same but the sad reality is that the majority of the time, it won’t. […]

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Back to hell

Reference to sixth form ^^ Tomorrow is the day when things go back to how they were.  I. Am. Not. Ready. For. This. Struggle.  It’s only a year though right? Then I can finally say adios to all those fuckers I don’t even wanna see and will probably never talk to again LOL. I don’t […]

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