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“I’m running out of tomorrows”

Why do we do this to ourselves?! We know that we have exams coming up and we need to prepare for them yet we don’t take them as seriously as we should. Of course I want good grades but why am I not doing enough work :// I really need a boost in self motivation tbh.

“Today will be productive” – the biggest lie I’ve told myself for pretty much this whole half term. I mean, I’ve done some work but I should be doing more.

“Tomorrow will be different”

“I’ll do more tomorrow”

I wasted today aaaaarrrghhhhhh.

Sometimes I feel guilty for not doing a lot of revision and really annoyed at myself because I know I should be revising but I end up doing other things instead – procrastinating as usual>.>

But it’s okay, although you may have not accomplished as much as you wanted to do today, no ones stopping you from making the most of tomorrow.

Now I can definitely say with confidence that tomorrow WILL BE PRODUCTIVE!


Hope everyone is doing well,

Love from,

Roxy xoxo



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