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Time waits for NO ONE

It really doesn’t. 1st April already? Wow. Next month I’ll be 17, next year I’ll be 18 and then…. Oh dear😩

This is why you need to grab every moment you can, live every day to fullest because you might not see tomorrow. Be as happy as you can be, surround yourself with positive people, do things you love and make every day better than the one before.

So my goals for April:

– Eat healthy 

– Exercise

– Study hard, keep REVISING!

– Stop complaining all the time (I think my friends I starting to get sick of me)

– You hate college? It’s okay, just try to find something that will help you get by and enjoy yourself.

– Spread positivity and love just like you usually do although you’ve kinda stopped.

– Try to form a friendship with bae? Well he’s not bae LOL (in my head he is xD). I’ve fucked  up this opportunity sooooo many times because I’m so damn awkward but new month new beginnings right? Oh and PLEASE STOP STARING AT THE POOR KID. 

– Along the point above, please act normal Roxy. Don’t freeze when you see him loooool.

– Concentrate on what’s important and stop thinking about unnecessary things.

There’s probably additional things I can add but these are the ones that come to mind. I think setting yourself goals every month is helpful, especially when you want to better yourself and progress. It gives you time to reflect on whether you’ve achieved them or not at the end of the month (even if the goal is stupid like stop staring at a boy lol). I hope everyone has a good day.

Love from,

Roxy xoxo


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