My craving for ‘something’

Long time no speak! Well it’s only been a week and a bit but it feels like ages. Gosh I’ve missed this blog and I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing as much as I should be. Revision for A levels are taking over my liiffeeee ): So I wanted to share with you guys […]

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How can I be so selfish?

You know when you see a message that literally breaks you, you can even feel your heart sink. Well that happened to me today. One of my closest friends, practically my lil brother (he’s in the year below) found out a few months ago that his mum has a brain tumour. I remember hearing the […]

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Time waits for NO ONE

It really doesn’t. 1st April already? Wow. Next month I’ll be 17, next year I’ll be 18 and then…. Oh dear😩 This is why you need to grab every moment you can, live every day to fullest because you might not see tomorrow. Be as happy as you can be, surround yourself with positive people, […]

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