Life & Stuff, My Teenage Struggle

Thoughts down the road 

After a ridiculous long wait for the bus I decided to walk home. 

It’s the last day of term, thank fuck. Two weeks off too!! This makes me so happyyyyy, I can finally be at ease and not dread early mornings and going to a shit hole of a college 😒 

As I left college I strangely started to feel like shit, I mean I should be happy. I started to think about how everyone’s going out with their friends and I’m just well.. going home. Usually at the end of term in secondary school me and my group of friends (there was six of us including me) would go out somewhere. I really do miss those times😞 my social life has literally gone downhill😩 I’m not saying I haven’t got friends from college it’s just not the same. I guess I could have gone Westfield  with two of my friends but I decided to go home due to bad cramps (being a girl is sooooo much fun). 

When I was walking down the road I was observing my surroundings. The houses I was going by, the hair salon, the kebab shop, the people. It occurred to me that when I grow up I will probably never see it again because I will be somewhere else. Maybe I’ll come back to go down memory lane. It’s weird because I wonder where I’ll be in the next couple of years. Who will I still see? Who will I meet? What will I go past? What would be around me? 

The fear of looking ahead into the future, knowing that YOU WILL grow up and face things which are out of your control is scary. You have to face it one day though, everyone does. 


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