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Oh the joy!

Not sure if you got the hint of sarcasm from the title but it’s there anyway lol.

I hope everyone is doing great. Sorry I haven’t posted in these last couple of days, I guess it’s just A Levels taking over my exciting life ha. Whoops there goes the sarcasm again. Okay Roxy stop.

College is making me so unhappy right now. It’s been my biggest regret choosing that particular college, in fact I wasn’t even going to go there – it was thanks to my lovely mother who basically decided for me, I have no idea why I listened to her. I found out the other day you can move colleges even if the subjects you want to carry out at A2 (second year of a level) are not the same exam board as the one you did at AS (first year of a level) YAAAY! So I was over the moon about this and I’ve made my decision. I AM LEAVING. After my AS exams I have to move colleges because I refuse to spend another year being depressed with life it’s ridiculous.

I can’t really put my finger on why I hate it so much. Yeah I miss my friends and my secondary school, the atmosphere was ten times better than the college I’m at. But I do like my new teachers and the classes I’m in. I’ve met some nice people but that place really isn’t for me. I just don’t like it. I feel so out of place sometimes, a lot of the girls there are so bitchy too I don’t want to be amongst those type of people. 

I’m gonna speak to my mum about me moving colleges, I mentioned it and she went crazy saying how I’m not moving, I have no good reason too blahblah. She’s so inconsiderate, she already knows I hate it and I feel like shit every time I’m there but she chooses to ignore how I feel because it’s all about what SHE thinks. Whether she likes it or not I’m gonna move and she won’t stop me. That made me sound like a rebel😂 

Am I willing to waste another year feeling like shit? Erm no thank you! For anyone choosing their colleges and A Level options PLEASE sit down and think about it properly, you don’t want to regret the decision you make so make a wise choice!

Love from,

Roxy xoxo


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