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Will it be worth the wait?

Good things happen to good people. That’s bullshit. You can be a good person, have a good heart, a pure mind but still have to experience shitty things.

Things will get better…will it? You start to question whether they will because it seems like nothing ever goes right. I’m a good person yet everything seems to always go downhill. I can’t be happy without life having something stored around the corner to destroy the happiness I just held on to. When you have no feeling of hope to grasp onto any more you can’t help but think it will only get worse. It’s so easy to say don’t give up when that seems like the easiest option. Sometimes you feel so drained – physically, emotionally and mentally there’s just so much you can take. Looking ahead gives you pain and fear because you’re scared that it will always be like this.

“I wish I was dead” is such an unpleasant phrase. I’m guilty of using it and I’m sure you may be too. A lot of people say this in the heat of the moment or when they’re in a shit place and think being dead is the best solution. Death seems like the best escape because there’s no feeling. No worry, no anxiety, no depression..there’s nothing but plain darkness. But is death really the only option? Do you ever stop to think about what would happen if you die? Your family, your friends and some of the people you knew would be left so distressed and broken. You have a bigger impact in other people’s life that you don’t even know, this is what we fail to realise.

Remember the stage you are at is NOT YOUR LIFE in full, it’s only apart of the journey you are on. It’s a stepping stone to where you will be and you haven’t even seen what’s ahead of you yet. Don’t throw that away because I can assure you that it’ll be worth the wait. You’ll finally understand why everything has happened because it’ll bring to a specific moment that you would never thought you would see. I promise you those feelings that make you question whether your life is worth living will be replaced.


Love from,

Roxy xoxo


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