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Why not just

There’s so many expectations in society that we feel we must reach. The need to please others or to seem like we’re worth being spoken too. Doing things to get ourselves heard or noticed because no one likes to be a ‘nobody’ or a ‘loner’. In this process sometimes we lose ourselves, we lose who we are and that’s where problem occurs.

Now think about what makes you different from the people around you. People overlook these differences because sometimes they wish they didn’t have them. They wish they didn’t look how they look or act in a certain way. We fail to understand that these differences are for a reason, they are what make you, you. They shouldn’t be changed just so you feel like you’re reaching society’s so called “standard”. Why change yourself just to look better in the eyes of others? Why do things in order to get the approval from others?

In this generation especially, I can confidently say there are many people who don’t use their own initiative to make their own decisions. Don’t get me wrong I’m a sociable person but sometimes I step back and observe rather than talk all the time (I understand how quiet people learn a lot). From what I’ve seen there’s people who may feel like they’re being held back by the people they hang around with, you think outside the box, they tell you your thoughts are unrealistic, unachievable and stupid to even consider. They don’t support your dreams and goals so why have them around in your life? Why change your look on things just because THEY don’t seem appreciate your thoughts on them. You want to work hard and get good grades you have every right to do so, don’t be discouraged because you feel like this will make you ‘look’ a certain way. Working hard is a GOOD thing, I don’t understand why it’s almost seen as a negative thing to some people – at the end of the day you’re working hard for yourself not for them, so their opinion shouldn’t have an influence on you.

BE YOUR OWN PERSON. No one owns or controls your life except for you. Stop living for others and take life into your own hands because it’s yours after all. Try to be less of a follower, don’t always follow the trends or the crowd. Having your own views is okay, not everyone will agree with them or like it but that doesn’t matter. You’re not alive to change how you live based on people’s constant judgements, you’re alive to make something of yourself. Acknowledge yourself as an individual rather than someone who just follows the same path as others. There’s nothing wrong with taking another path, just because no one does who said you can’t?

Be proud of who you are, as a special individual and not a copy.

Love from,

Roxy xoxo


5 thoughts on “Why not just”

  1. Individuality is way better than another alienation version of the person sitting beside you at school. You’re so right. And YES it’s difficult, but worth it in the long time if we can manage to stay true to ourselves ❤

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