Life & Stuff, My Teenage Struggle


Yes I still beat myself up about it. Why was I so stupid?!

First week of college I noticed you and only God knows what happened but ever since then I’ve been so hooked. When you spoke to me for the first time I couldn’t stop smiling after😩😩

The next day we saw each other and neither of us said hi we just had an awkward stare? 

The stares became more frequent and you staring back just made me melt, literally. I couldn’t help it. I tried and tried to act normal, tried to act like Roxy but I never did. I’d hear your name or see you and I’d get this feeling that you would never understand.

Eventually after Christmas break I decided to smile at you. And you smiled back. Gosh your smile is sooo😍 but then me being stupid Roxy after I spoke to you a couple times more it became more awkward because I stopped smiling and started to stare at you AGAIN. I honestly never knew I was staring until you were out of my sight. Last week you came on my bus and I couldn’t take my eyes off youYou looked at me thinking what the fuck…. Fml. When I acknowledged the way I acted I decided to stop smiling and just pretend I never see you any time I did. But when I do blatantly see you I just freeze LOL I look like such a twat ffs😩

So well done Roxy for fucking everything up! I wasn’t expecting to be more than friends tbh because I know you wouldn’t feel the same way but I’ve basically fucked up the first stage of being friends because I’m so damn awkward.

Why did I have to fall so hard?


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