Bipolar British weather

It’s sunny now but let’s see how long it’ll last before it starts pissing itself down🤔 I was thinking of changing my setting revision as the weathers nice, I mean why not go study in a park for a change?  Have I used these couple of days productively? Nopeeeee😁 but I shall today. I feel […]

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Happy Easter! 

A bit late I know but I hope everyone is having a great day! I didn’t get any Easter eggs this year 😩😩😩😩😩 how sad I know but I can do without the chocolate so I guess it’s a good thing. I have two awards I need to do, one I should done ages ago […]

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Sweet Fantasy

I can only imagine what it’s like to look deeply into your eyes, having my heart skip a beat and make me feel very light, to have you smile at me and look at me in a way you don’t look at anyone else, wondering what my name would sound like coming from your lips. […]

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Thoughts down the road 

After a ridiculous long wait for the bus I decided to walk home.  It’s the last day of term, thank fuck. Two weeks off too!! This makes me so happyyyyy, I can finally be at ease and not dread early mornings and going to a shit hole of a college 😒  As I left college […]

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Stop and focus, please!

Do you ever wish your mind would stop thinking about unnecessary things? I need to focus on what’s important such as studying, making sure I get good grades etc; yet I can’t focus properly because I  end up thinking about irrelevant shit which will have no impact on me in the future.  Tomorrow I will […]

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Middle of the room.

There she sits in the middle of the room, staring straight ahead, oblivious to what’s going on around her. Screams of laughter coming from different directions but there she sits quietly in the middle of the room. A small smile does creep on her lips and nor does she flinch, she continues to stare and […]

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At least you have your imagination. To imagine things words can’t explain. Thinking about how it would have been if it went a certain way. Smiling at the crazy thoughts you have placed in your mind. Living in a secret world you created. You don’t have to be afraid because no one knows. It’s your […]

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Oh the joy!

Not sure if you got the hint of sarcasm from the title but it’s there anyway lol. I hope everyone is doing great. Sorry I haven’t posted in these last couple of days, I guess it’s just A Levels taking over my exciting life ha. Whoops there goes the sarcasm again. Okay Roxy stop. College […]

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Oh hey sunshine xD

Okay I know my previous post was a bit gloomy but guuuuuuuys the sun is out! It looks pretty. But I’m going to be at home. Revising. Yay. I was gonna buy some new boots but I don’t know if I can be bothered to go out Nope I’m going to go. I need some […]

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Will it be worth the wait?

Good things happen to good people. That’s bullshit. You can be a good person, have a good heart, a pure mind but still have to experience shitty things. Things will get better…will it? You start to question whether they will because it seems like nothing ever goes right. I’m a good person yet everything seems to […]

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