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Bipolar British weather

It's sunny now but let's see how long it'll last before it starts pissing itself down🤔 I was thinking of changing my setting revision as the weathers nice, I mean why not go study in a park for a change?  Have I used these couple of days productively? Nopeeeee😁 but I shall today. I feel… Continue reading Bipolar British weather

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Happy Easter! 

A bit late I know but I hope everyone is having a great day! I didn't get any Easter eggs this year 😩😩😩😩😩 how sad I know but I can do without the chocolate so I guess it's a good thing. I have two awards I need to do, one I should done ages ago… Continue reading Happy Easter! 

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Stop and focus, please!

Do you ever wish your mind would stop thinking about unnecessary things? I need to focus on what's important such as studying, making sure I get good grades etc; yet I can't focus properly because I  end up thinking about irrelevant shit which will have no impact on me in the future.  Tomorrow I will… Continue reading Stop and focus, please!