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Decisions on social media

So today I finally decided to delete insta and snapchat. Well I haven’t deleted sc yet because I’m waiting for my friend to give her number to me.

So what made me come to this decision?

Tbh I think I need some time away from it. It’s not permanent (I don’t think) but when you’re in a shitty mood and you see your ‘ex’ squad all laughing on sc or other people having fun it doesn’t help. So yaaaaa. 

I used to love taking pictures of myself but I’ve gone through the phase where I just hate every picture I take but don’t worry insta I shall make my return soon; just wait on it😏

I still have Twitter, Tumblr, Skype and Whatsapp. I deleted Facebook last month because I didn’t used it anymore and I didn’t see the point of me having it.

I feel a bit relieved after doing that🤔 I have more time to reflect on myself and concentrate on things that are actually important. But I do loveeeee the filters on sc😂😂 I will miss putting up unnecessary and stupid snaps but oh well, it’s temporary and a small change can do me good I think.

If you’re thinking of giving something up for a while and think it will do you some good go for it😄

Maybe when I’m ready I’ll actually follow or add you guys on some social media, so much for staying anon but you knooowww. I want to reach out to my people ya feel?


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